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1 resident says she’s had enough with crazy car gatherings



Pembroke Park, Florida – Streets with tire traces. They are typical sights in residential areas and are leftovers from raucous rideouts. At the unauthorized “rally” activities, groups congregate. One resident confronted a bunch of peeling out in her area because the auto meets are an annoyance.

On a Saturday at 3:30 a.m., it occurred at an intersection. The street was blocked off by partygoers, and cars were doing donuts.

“I told them, that’s not a racing area. You cannot do like this around here. I have to sleep. I deserve to sleep. I work at least 60 hours a week,” the woman told Local 10 News. She didn’t want to tell us her name for safety reasons. She said she confronted the group out of frustration. She had called the police and waited but couldn’t take the revving sounds and her bedroom was vibrating from the cars.

Nearly every weekend, according to Pembroke Park business owners, cars line up and congregate to practice stunt driving.

The frustrated woman tells us: “People cannot do this. It’s a crime, it’s completely a crime.”

Residents want more action taken, despite claims from authorities that they are trying to crack down and disperse the gatherings. Police do not urge individuals to act in the manner that the woman we spoke with did.

They claim that the reason the pop-up gatherings are so challenging to halt is that when they do appear, everyone swiftly disperses.

Law enforcement advises contacting them rather than confronting the groups if you hear or witness one of the gatherings.

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