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126,000 new COVID cases from weekend reported in Florida



Fort Lauderdale, Florida – According to the latest data posted Monday by the CDC, Florida verified 126,704 new COVID-19 infections from Saturday and Sunday.

According to the CDC data shows, 77,156 new cases were assigned to Saturday and 49,548 from Sunday.

That comes after Florida reported a record 397,114 new COVID-19 cases for the week of Dec. 31 through Jan. 6, an average of more than 56,000 per day.

The statewide new-case positivity rate last week was 31.2%, by far the highest recorded during the pandemic, rising from 26.6% a week prior. Up until mid-December, that positivity rate sat below 3% for several weeks.

The CDC data shows that Florida has uncovered 4,759,073 COVID-19 cases since the start of the outbreak and reported 62,810 deaths connected to the virus.

The case total does not include people who take at-home tests and don’t report their results to health officials.


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