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2 Young Siblings Die Days After Being Found in Treasure Coast Home’s Pool



Two young siblings have died days after being found submerged in a swimming pool at a home they were visiting with their father, sheriff’s officials said.

Zale Dudas, 9, and her brother Saxon Nairne, 7, were found after 5 p.m. Friday at a Jensen Beach home, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office said. They died on Tuesday.

The children and their father were at the home to demonstrate how to use an underwater scooter, which is a piece of scuba-diving equipment, sheriff’s spokeswoman Christine Christofek told TC Palm.

Sheriff’s officials said several adults were at the home, where the children were given permission to use the pool and a scuba tank.

The father told investigators the children were experienced swimmers and proficient divers.

According to the release, the adults went to the home’s garage to look at another piece of equipment, leaving the children unattended for a short amount of time.

When one of the adults returned to the pool, the children were submerged at the bottom of the pool with the tank, Christofek said.

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