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$5.7 million spent in federal funds during pandemic to make Coral Springs safer



Coral Springs, Florida – Provide Covid-19 protective gear at 38 senior facilities in Coral Springs. Clean and sanitize dozens of city buildings and parks. And offer rental assistance to hundreds of residents and grants to hundreds of businesses.

In all, Coral Springs spent an allotted $5.7 million in federal funds last year during the pandemic emergency.

Last week, city officials explained how they spent the money from Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARE) Act to help thousands of people get through the hardships of the coronavirus.

“There was so much incredible work by our staff and so much incredible work by the community,” said Catherine Givens, the city’s director of budget and strategy. “It was a lot of work, but the hardest things were the most rewarding.”

According to a presentation by Givens, the funds were spent in nine areas.

– Assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and adult daycare: $111,343

More than 170 city employees provided protective gear and did webinars at 38 facilities in Coral Springs.

– Personal protective equipment: $1,185,857

The city purchased masks, face shields, shoe covers, thermometers, employee screenings, and more for city employees.

– Cleaning and disinfection: $137,782

City crews used materials and spent their time sanitizing public buildings and parks across Coral Springs.

– Public information: $73,518

City staff created print materials and conducted public awareness campaigns in traditional media and social media.

– Public safety payroll: $1,662,694

The money went to covering payroll for police officers, fire officials, and code enforcement staff for Covid-19-related activities.

– Information technology/facilitate compliance: $851,076

Officials purchased equipment and services to improve distance working capabilities for city employees. They also reimbursed employees for sick and family leave and paid for lodging to quarantine infected first responders.

– Residential assistance: $704,048

The city provided 108 Coral Springs residents with rental assistance because of financial loss due to Covid-19. The maximum assistance was $10,000.

– Small business assistance: $557,196

The city assisted 312 businesses through two programs: one provided grants to reopen after coronavirus shutdown and the second one paid up to $5,000 to retain jobs.

– Community programming: $196,744

City staff organized events and services related to Covid-19 testing, food drives and distributions, school graduation ceremonies, and more.

During a city commission meeting, Coral Springs Mayor Scott Brook said the federal spending paid for initiatives that made the city safer and brought people together. He praised the city staff members for their efforts.

“It’s such a great unifier during this time,” Brook said. “You see so much division in different places in the world and you see very little of that in Coral Springs and so much is because of employees like you.”

Commissioner Nancy Metayer agreed.

“I know, personally, families who reached out to me and said thank you. They felt welcomed. They didn’t feel ashamed when they came to receive support from you all,” Metayer said.

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