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A musician from Coral Springs, known for his inventiveness and skill on the guitar, passes away



Coral Springs, Florida – A musician from Coral Springs who was well-known for his inventiveness and guitar playing passed away earlier this week after fighting a long illness.

The school reported that Kevin Stewart, 34, spent five years as a mentor, show director, and music instructor at the School of Rock Coral Springs.

Burny Pelsmajer, the proprietor of the school, stated on Friday that Stewart’s silly, laid-back, and modest demeanor had a profound effect on the pupils at the School of Rock Coral Springs.

“He really encouraged them to be creative,” Pelsmajer said. “We have to teach historical music. But Kevin was very much on the forefront trying to encourage students to create their music and make sure they explore on their own using skill sets learned at the school.”

According to Pelsmajer, Stewart was the best guitarist employed by the School of Rock Coral Springs at the time.

“And he produced and ran the school’s first Iron Maiden Show. I remember it being out of the world. He just knocked it out of the park.”

The musician was personally connected to Pelsmajer.

Stewart joined Pelsmajer and another buddy in a band named ZBRA after leaving the School of Rock Coral Springs to seek other musical engagements.

The trio performed in nearby locations.

Stewart also wrote all the music for the progressive rock group State of Flux.

“Kevin really enjoyed writing original music, which a lot of people in the music community don’t necessarily do,” Pelsmajer said. “And that was also one of the many great things about him.”

Although a date has not yet been decided, Pelsmajer stated that his school intends to hold a memorial performance in Stewart’s honor.


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