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After discovering problems, Coral Springs denies a permit for a carnival



Coral Springs, Florida – Coral Springs officials announced on Friday that a planned carnival was canceled because the organizer did not comply with the city’s permitting standards.

The organizer stated that the Your Town Carnival would take place at the Coral Springs Tennis Center from March 7–10. The Beach Daze Charitable Foundation had announced plans to stage a carnival, however in late February, the foundation decided against it.

The event that was canceled shared a name with the Our Town America festival, which took place in Coral Springs for forty years before coming to an end in 2023. Officials from the city claimed that although the proposed Your Town Carnival had a similar name, it was unrelated to the previous Our Town America Event.

The city claims that, among other things, the organizer of Your Town Carnival neglected to submit her application for a permit on time, did not use the necessary online portal, did not complete the application correctly, and submitted false information for both a building permit and a site plan.

“The special event permitting process is in place to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our community,” a city spokesperson told Coral Springs Talk in a prepared statement. “The organizer was unable to meet the specific requirements of the permit in a timely manner, and therefore, the permit was appropriately denied. This was not the Our Town USA Carnival held in Coral Springs for decades and appropriately followed the permitting process.”

Following the denial of city permitting, the Your Town Carnival organizers announced the event’s cancellation, according to officials.

The organizer submitted plans claiming that the city would provide 11 portable light generators for the carnival, which was untrue, according to city officials, among other difficulties mentioned by the city.

The event’s site layout was also rejected by the Fire Marshal because it did not adhere to the fire code. The same flaws were discovered on February 26, following a site plan resubmission and review, the city claims.

On top of that, the organizer falsely claimed to be the owner of 2575 Sportsplex Drive in a paper construction permit application for electrical work, according to municipal officials. In actuality, the city owns the property.

The Beach Daze Charitable Foundation did not respond to messages left on Friday asking for comments.



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