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After using a vape pen, a Coral Springs man beat his parents and attempted to stab his dog



Coral Springs, Florida – Authorities reported that after using a THC vape pen, a Coral Springs man attacked his family with a knife. As a result, the man was placed under custody.

According to documents, Alexander Figueroa, 21, was taken into custody on Saturday on suspicion of attempted murder and aggravated violence.

Figueroa began acting strangely while, according to the arrest report, he and his cousin were strolling through a neighborhood.

According to the complaint, Figueroa’s cousin informed the police that they had gone for a walk earlier in the evening after using a THC vape pen.

According to the relative, Figueroa began acting strangely and asking questions like, “Where do you want to go, to heaven or hell?” during the stroll.

According to the report, Figueroa also advised them to remove their shirts before acting hostile toward his cousin.

The complaint claims that at one time, Figueroa became irate, took his cousin’s phone, and destroyed it. Figueroa left the house when his cousin stole his phone and began strolling the area.
After learning of Figueroa’s unpredictable conduct from his cousin, his family set out to find him.

Figueroa’s mother and cousin reportedly managed to get him into a car and drive him home. He became agitated in the backseat and attempted to kick out the window.

Figueroa exited the car after it had been parked, hurried into the home, and locked himself there.
According to the complaint, Figueroa was observed shouting and getting naked outside the window before he ran outside and stabbed his mother.

According to the complaint, Figueroa began hitting his father as well when he attempted to step in.

According to the complaint, Figueroa hit his mother in the face multiple times and even attempted to assault the family dog. His mother managed to flee and made it to a neighbor’s house, where she dialed 911.

According to the complaint, Figueroa’s father and his cousin were allowed back into the house by a “younger son,” and they all sought safety in the master bedroom until the police could arrive.

Figueroa’s father suffered severe lacerations to his right arm and abdomen. His mother suffered a significant cut to her head.

Figueroa showed up in front of the court on Sunday. Using Zoom, his mother attended his bond hearing. His attorney asked that a mental health assessment be mandated. He was given an order to be detained without bond.

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