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American Express Travel: “65% of people would rather take a dream vacation than purchase a new car”



Miami, Florida – Millions of people are looking to travel again with most COVID restrictions lifted.

In order to visit family, they weren’t able to see during the pandemic, Gina Kramer and her daughter Frankie recently flew into southern California. “I haven’t seen my family that lived here in three years, four years,” Kramer said. “It’s gonna be a family reunion of sorts.”

Hopper reports that the average cost for domestic airfares in March is around $311, up 31.8% from the beginning of the year. While shopping for her ticket online, Gina saw those increases. “If you missed a window two days later the prices were like $100 more,” she said.

Despite the higher prices, a new survey from American Express Travel finds 72% of Americans plan to travel more this year. “Domestic bookings are surging, hotel rates are going up, nearing 2019 levels”.

National park reservations are in high demand, and cruise ships are filling up as people put more importance on travel.

According to American Express Travel, 65% of people would rather take a dream vacation than purchase a new car. “People are now valuing travel as an experience they want to keep and that’s what they’re doing,” Greenberg said.

Samantha Strobl-Engler, a traveler and a mother, agrees. “We’ve missed out on so much. I think, you know, being a parent to young kids during this time, it’s like you wanna give them that experience again, you wanna show them the world again,” she said.


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