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Arlington ISD launches free pre-K program for all 4-year-olds



Arlington Independent School District (AISD), a highly-acclaimed institution renowned for its unwavering commitment to fostering academic excellence, has recently launched an innovative, free, and universal Pre-K 4 program for all four-year-old children. This laudable initiative, aimed at enhancing the social and academic development of children, is poised to set a new standard in early childhood education.

The program, which commenced in the 2021-22 academic year, is open to all children turning four by September 1, 2021, and is designed to provide an early and robust foundation for lifelong learning. According to Dr. Marcelo Cavazos, the Superintendent of AISD, the school board’s decision to introduce this program stems from the conviction that every child deserves access to quality education that would serve as a springboard to their future successes.

The benefits of early childhood education cannot be overstated. Studies have shown that children who have access to quality Pre-K education tend to perform better academically and socially. This is because the program is tailored to foster cognitive development, critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity, all of which are essential ingredients for future success. Dr. Jackeline Orsini, the Director of Early Childhood Learning, affirms that investing in Pre-K education is the first step towards building a lifelong love of learning.

What makes AISD’s Pre-K 4 program unique is its integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education into the curriculum. This approach is designed to stimulate children’s interest in the natural world, encourage hands-on discovery, and inspire problem-solving skills. The program is tailored to foster the gross motor and fine motor skills of children, promote social and emotional learning, and prepare them for future academic challenges.

Katy Peterson, a Pre-K teacher at Amos Elementary, notes that the STEM component of the program provides children with a unique opportunity to engage in learning in a fun and interactive way. The program encourages children to ask questions, explore and experiment, and develop a lifelong love of learning.

Arlington ISD already boasts a strong Pre-K program for three-year-olds that offers free enrollment for eligible children. However, for those who are ineligible for free enrollment, the school offers a tuition-based option that is highly affordable.

Registration is now open for Pre-K and Kindergarten classes, and parents can easily pre-register their children online or by visiting the school where their child will be enrolled. For more information, parents can visit or contact the Pre-K team at (682) 867-9418 or Additional details and important dates about Pre-K registration are available on the AISD website. Every child who turns four by September 1, 2021, should not miss this golden opportunity to start their academic journey with AISD’s exceptional Pre-K 4 program.

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