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As COVID-19 vaccination site moves to Snyder Park, officials in Pompano Beach have a site ready for vaccinations



Fort Lauderdale – Snyder Park is the new site for COVID-19 vaccinations for those who have an appointment. Vaccinations, formerly administered at Holiday Park, began there Jan. 26 – a partnership between the Florida Department of Health in Broward County and the City of Fort Lauderdale.

A current shortage of vaccines may impact the ability to schedule appointments.

Call to schedule a vaccine appointment

Individuals who are 65 or older, and frontline healthcare workers, can call 866-201-6313 to request a COVID-19 vaccine appointment. For those requiring TTY access, the phone number is 833-476-1526.

Individuals who receive their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine at Florida Department of Health sites through this new appointment system will be asked to schedule their second dose through the same system.

Individuals who received their first dose of vaccine at a Florida Department of Health site without making an appointment in this new appointment system do not need to make an appointment for their second dose. They should return to the same site on the date written on their vaccination card at the same time as they arrived for their first dose. Other than these individuals receiving their second dose, no one will be served without an appointment.

City vaccination site ready and waiting

Citi Centre has agreed to let its back parking lot be used for vaccinations, whenever they are available. In preparation for when the vaccines are available, the city has already set up tents. [Staff]

Pompano Beach – It’s unclear when the shortage of available COVID-19 vaccinations will end. When it does, city officials here have a site ready to provide vaccinations.

At their Jan. 26 meeting, commissioners approved an agreement with Citi Center to use the mall’s back parking lot for a vaccination site at no cost.

Fire Chief Chad Brocato said the site has been in the works for several weeks and the city has informed the Florida Department of Health that it stands ready to help administer shots once more become available.

“We’re ready to move forward and we’ll do whatever it takes,” said Brocato. “We want to help.”

Paramedics, say officials, have been trained to administer the shots and city personnel have been trained to offer support to healthcare workers.

“We’ve got the apparatus, we’ve got the people . . . all we need is the vaccine,” said Mayor Rex Hardin. “We’ve got a site – waiting to put shots in arms.”

City officials praised Citi Centre for offering the use of its site for vaccines and the food drives that have been held there.

“Citi Centre has been absolutely gracious offering the land for no cost,” said Brocato.

“They’ve really stepped up,” said Hardin. “They’ve been a tremendous corporate partner with the city and we will recognize that.”

A message left with the Florida Department of Health was not returned.

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