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Awe-inspiring winter village created by couple in Coral Springs



Coral Springs, Florida – A Coral Springs couple who has created a homemade winter village is inviting the community to view their hard work.

Although it’s taken weeks to complete, as soon as resident Luz Trevino began placing and moving some of the tiny human-like figurines used to accent and finish her village, she was instantly transported to a pristine winter wonderland free of covid.

To create all the intricate details that make up their winter village, Luz and her husband Francisco Martinez began working in their garage the day after Halloween. By allocating a few hours every day after work, they were able to finish it just before Thanksgiving.

According to Luz, the hard work has paid off with the amazing life-like details on the various winter scenes such as a small town with roads, an amusement park, and picturesque mountain scenes.

It wasn’t without its challenges. Luz said the most time-consuming part was the river created by Francisco, which runs through their miniature village.

“He was new to some of the materials needed, and it was taking quite some time to dry,” she said of the epoxies used for the river. “And having me constantly remind him of the due date wasn’t helping.”

But Luz wasn’t too worried because Francisco works in construction and carpentry, so she knew his skills were perfect for all the building, fabricating, and wiring needed throughout the project.

While Francisco was responsible for most of the construction, Luz was left tapping into her creative side to design and stage it, which came naturally to the part-time Mariachi singer.

Originally from Mexico, Luz, who has called Coral Springs home for 24 years, works as a nurse specializing in allergies when she isn’t singing or working on the finishing touches to her winter village.

The Trevino Winter Village is located in The Windings at 11192 NW 35 Street and they are allowing viewers from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. weekdays. Weekend viewings are by appointment through Facebook messenger.

The couple asks visitors to the winter village to adhere to CDC guidelines by wearing masks and following all social distancing signs they’ve placed throughout their garage.

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