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Best-selling book about leadership and love by local South Florida author



South Florida – Through the lens of love, a local author is hoping to spread a message about leadership.

Before moving to South Florida, Pete A. Kennedy grew up on the island of Jamaica.

According to Kennedy, he grew up being taught that no man is an island and that no man should stand alone. He says keeping that in mind is key to building strong leaders in society.

His new, best-selling book titled, “When a Man Loves: A Lifestyle and Leadership Most Men Will Never Experience,” is meant to explore ways to help people find their passion, understand different ways to love, and link those teachings to leadership in society and career.

“One of the biggest things is relationships,” said Kennedy. “I was raised no man is an island, no man stands alone and in our community especially, and this book transcends that, into the business forum where relationships are key amongst managers and those that actually lead, directing that back to productivity. So it’s all about connecting and knowing that personal style.”

Kennedy is also the CEO of a Fort Lauderdale-based men’s organization called Educating Men and Youth how to Love and Lead, E.M.Y.L.L.


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