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Betti Stradling: Beloved Teacher, Activist, and Park Namesake in Coral Springs



Coral Springs, Florida – Betti Stradling was a well-liked and esteemed educator in Coral Springs’s public schools.

She was an activist who cared deeply about her neighborhood. She was a supporter of parks, open spaces, diversity, and the environment. She was an activist who instilled these values in her kids.

She did it well, and even though she was well-versed in “the system,” she was only able to ruffle a few feathers rather than pluck any out.

Because she used honey instead of vinegar, unlike many campaigners, she won the respect of lawmakers, parents, and students.

In 1994, Stradling passed away.

She and her interests are honored in the park.

Betti Straddling Park, which is 21 acres in size and is situated at 10301 Wiles Road, includes just about everything a park could possibly provide. It offers “something for everyone,” just like the circus in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

You want to walk, it has trails. You want to sit? It has benches and two different-size pavilions. Baseball/softball? It has fields. Basketball? It has courts. Are you a skater? There are places for you at the park, too. Like beach volleyball? Sand courts await you.

Do you wish for contemplation in shady areas? Try one of two pavilions or on benches. You can romp with your kids on a fabulous-looking playground, or you can use it yourself if the spark of kiddydom still glows in your heart.

More is on the way: A budget of about $500,000 has been set aside for the brand-new splash pad, which will be completed soon.

The entire homage is appropriate for a teacher and community activist.

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