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Broward County school leaders keeping open Coral Springs schools with low enrollment



Coral Springs, Florida – Underenrolled schools in Coral Springs have been removed from the closure list as Broward County school administrators get closer to selecting which ones to shut down.

On Tuesday, administrators gave a summary of the schools they would shut or reorganize.

Twelve zones or regions were mentioned that might be included in the district’s Redefining Our Schools program.

The district claims that no Coral Springs schools are on the list of ones that might close.

“We are not faced with enrollment or capacity issues like we are in these other clusters of zones,” said Alan Strauss, a district regional superintendent.

To address low enrollment and budget deficits, Strauss is spearheading the district’s efforts to reorganize or close schools.

The district claims that Coral Springs Elementary, James S. Hunt Elementary, Maplewood Elementary, Coral Springs Middle, and Forest Glen Middle are the five Coral Springs schools with low student enrollment.

Any school that is less than 70% of its maximum enrollment is deemed under-enrolled by administrators.

The capacity of Coral Springs Elementary is 50%. James S. Hunt is currently at 61%. At 68%, Maplewood is in. 52 percent of Coral Springs Middle is reached. Additionally, district data indicates that Forest Glen is at 63 percent.

According to Strauss, to solve under enrollment, the district may decide to close schools, reorganize grade levels, consolidate schools, repurpose schools, construct complete choice schools, or restructure school boundaries.

In June, the school board is scheduled to cast a vote on those modifications.


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