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Broward to give vaccinated county employees $500



Broward County, Florida – According to Mayor Steve Geller, Broward will be giving county employees who get COVID-19 vaccines a $500 payment, while those who remain unvaccinated could face a bi-weekly surcharge and weekly testing.

On Wednesday Geller said the program is expected to be implemented by the end of September.

The county has about 6,800 employees but it’s unknown how many are vaccinated, Geller said.

According to Geller, eligible county employees will have 60 days to provide proof of vaccination in exchange for the one-time $500 payment.

Anyone who doesn’t show proof and who is receiving employment benefits like healthcare will have to pay a $20 bi-weekly surcharge, Geller said.

The unvaccinated are also going to have to submit to weekly COVID testing.

According to Geller, the county will reexamine the program at the end of the year and could implement more drastic measures, like mandatory vaccinations.

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