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Chabad Jewish Center invites families to bake Hamantaschen and celebrate Purim



Coral Springs, Florida – The Chabad Jewish Center is getting ready for a spectacular celebration that will be enjoyable for the whole family as Purim draws near.

The center will have a Hamantaschen baking session on Wednesday, March 20, from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m., asking families to gather together for a fun-filled evening of celebration and bonding.

Jewish families have long engaged in the ritual of baking Hamantaschen, which provides a special chance for parents and kids to spend time together as they make ready for the holiday. During the Purim celebrations, the triangle-shaped sweets with savory or sweet contents have a unique meaning.

The term “Hamantaschen” is said to have come from Haman, the antagonist of the Purim tale, whose ears or triangular hat are represented by the shape of the pastry.

Under the supervision of skilled bakers, attendees can mix, fill, and shape their Hamantaschen during the event. With all the supplies and ingredients provided by the center, families can concentrate on the fun of baking together.

Families that send children to Hebrew School are exempt from paying the $10 per child fee. The celebration is open to families from all backgrounds and is hosted by the Chabad Jewish Center, which is situated at 11325 W. Atlantic Blvd. in Coral Springs. Sign up here.



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