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City Commission approves Coral Square Mall improvements grant



Coral Springs, Florida – In the coming year, the Coral Square Mall will receive a makeover.

At its meeting on Thursday, the city commission granted a grant of $40,348 to Coral-CS/LTD, Associates for a number of exterior mall renovations.

The money will assist in funding initiatives like new signage, landscaping, and exterior painting.

The money comes from a grant administered by the city’s economic development bureau called the Economic Development Incentive Program Grant.

According to city documentation, grant money is used to renovate functionally obsolete structures and redevelopment chances to get rid of and stop slum, blight, or degradation.

Under the office’s pilot program, Coral CS/LTD applied for the Building Exterior Improvement Grant.

The office, retail, manufacturing, and industrial buildings are explicitly covered by this grant.

According to city records, this grant aids in the rehabilitation, remodeling, and improvement of these homes to improve the neighborhood. Property values as well as the allure of homes and businesses would rise as a result.

The grant covers up to 50% of all allowable expenses. $50,000 is the highest reimbursement amount.

The Coral CS/LTD company will pay three different contractors a total of $80,696 for the mall remodeling project before reimbursement.

The three main building entrances on the north, west, and east sides of the mall will be painted by Hartzell Painting for a total of $23,925.

$25,695 will be given to Entire Maintenance Solution to improve the landscaping at mall entrances and medians.

$31,076 will be given to Art Sign Company, Inc. to renovate six preexisting directional signs buildings.

The money must be used by October 2023, according to Coral CS/LTD. After then, they can ask the city manager for a delay.

The city won’t pay back grant money until the project is finished.

The grant cash was proposed for approval by commissioner Joy Carter. Shawn Cerra, a commissioner, seconded. Unanimously, the proposition was approved.

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