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Coast Guard offloads more than $411 million in cocaine, marijuana at Port Everglades



Florida – The U.S. Coast Guard planned to offload more than $411 million in drugs at Port Everglades on Wednesday.

The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter James will offload approximately 23,000 pounds of cocaine and 8,800 pounds of marijuana worth more than $411.3 million.

“Today, the James will offload nearly 32,000 pounds of cocaine and marijuana interdicted by multiple Coast Guard, US Navy and partner nation assets,” said Capt. Todd Vance of the USCG.

“With absolute certainty, we know that each interdiction saves life and helps to protect others from violence, extortion and instability,” said Vance.

The Coast Guard tells CBS4 that those drugs are usually headed to Central America and eventually end up in the US. Commanders say these busts do more than just keep drugs off US streets.

“Regional security permits food security, it fends off corruption and enables economic prosperity,” said Coast Guard Admiral Karl Schultz.

“In one case, the US and Dutch Caribbean coast guards were providing maritime patrol aircraft while the UK supported us with a helicopter. It allowed the US and Dutch to interdict the drug smuggling vessels,” said Col. Jarst de Jong of the Dutch Navy.

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