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Coral Springs code prohibits parking boats and recreational vehicles on residential backyards



Coral Spring, Florida  – According to the Coral Springs code, it is prohibited boats, trailers, motor homes, and other recreational vehicles from being parked overnight on driveways, backyards, and other public areas surrounding homes.

City code officials this week will recommend the prohibition stay in place, except perhaps with an adjustment on Sundays.

In February the issue came up when a Coral Springs teacher-turned-stay-at-home-mom asked city commissioners to modify the code after her family bought a 20-foot boat that they kept on the side of their house.  Code officers warned that its placement was in violation of the regulations.

Officials have studied how other neighboring cities handle boats and recreational vehicles.

The city’s community services director Julie Krolak will review her department’s findings with the commission on Wednesday.

The city is recommending “maintaining the current regulations,” according to her presentation documents.

But “consideration could be made to include Sundays as a permitted day for residents to have their boat/recreational vehicle at their home for the same hours as Monday ‐ Saturday (excluded hours during those days are between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.).”

According to the presentation, Coral Springs permits boats and recreational vehicles to be parked in garages, or carports as long as carports “completely screen vehicle from view wall, opaque fence or landscaping that immediately provides a complete visual screen on two sides and utilize a permanent roof that matches the primary structure.”

According to officials, other nearby cities had similar regulations. In Weston, for instance, “no trailers, boats, or habitable motor vehicles of any nature shall be parked or stored on any property unless in a fully enclosed garage, except temporarily for routine cleaning, loading, or unloading,” according to the presentation.



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