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Coral Springs congressman calls protest “A violent insurrection”



Coral Springs, Florida – Ted Deutch called Wednesday’s protest at the U.S. Capitol by President Trump supporters “a violent insurrection.”

Deutch, a Democrat representing Coral Springs and Florida’s 22nd District, was not on the House floor when dozens of people breached security perimeters at the Capitol on the day lawmakers were to vote on certifying Joe Biden’s presidential victory.

A spokesman said Deutch has been sheltering in his office in the Rayburn building.

Many of Deutch’s colleagues inside the House chamber were told to put on gas masks as tear gas was fired in the Rotunda.

“This is a violent insurrection,” Deutch tweeted shortly after the chaos broke out. “An attempted coup by Trump supporters at his encouragement. They’re attacking the building that represents our democracy and threatening those who work in it. History will remember this dark day as a seditious attack by Americans against America.”

He said in another tweet: “When you continue to spew conspiracy theories, viciously attack your opponents, attack our democratic institutions, and attempt to overturn an election, is it any wonder this is the result? Every Senator and House Member who votes to reject the outcome of the election owns this.”

Coral Springs city commissioners also shared their views on Twitter.

Commissioner Nancy Metayer tweeted: “I think the words we are looking for is Domestic Terrorism,” referring to the protesters.

She also tweeted: “This is the legacy of Donald Trump and the entire Trump family and anyone who has enabled him the last four years.”

Vice Mayor Joshua Simmons wrote on Twitter: “I am mad. And no I will not stand down. This is my home. This is my country. And I am witnessing a crime being committed against my country. This is treason.”

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