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Coral Springs Man Arrested After Slamming Woman to Floor, Assaulting Officers



Coral Springs, Florida – A Coral Springs man was arrested for battery and assaulting a law enforcement officer after slamming a woman face-first into a tile floor and assaulting an officer who responded to the crime.

On December 13, Coral Springs Police responded to a domestic assault at a private residence with serious injuries. The caller informed officers that a woman needed medical attention, and the suspect was still on the scene.

Upon arrival, an officer encountered Robert Hauselt, 35, of Coral Springs, outside the home, while another officer located the victim inside.

According to the report, the victim was extremely emotional and appeared to be seriously injured, and complained to officers that she was unable to walk. Police observed bumps and bruises to the side of her head, as well as obvious trauma to her arms and legs.

Before the victim was transported to Broward Health Coral Springs for treatment, she informed police she wished to press charges, but due to the amount of pain she was in, she could not give a prompt timeline and description of what took place.

Witnesses reported the couple was in their living room when they heard Hauselt and the victim arguing in another room. They also heard, at one point, the victim scream for Hauselt to “get his hands off of her” ordering him to “get out of the house.”

Witnesses say Hauselt refused demands to leave the home, and the argument eventually spilled from a bedroom into the living room, where he allegedly grabbed the victim by the back of her jacket and slammed her to the ground, where she struck her head on a tile floor. The report stated Hauselt then picked the victim up and slammed her on the couch.

After speaking to multiple witnesses who confirmed the course of events, Hauselt was taken into custody. Officers stated in the report that while in custody, Hauselt continually threatened them and challenged them to a fight. At one point telling an officer that was taking off his handcuffs, and that he would “break his jaw.”

At one point during the arrest, Hauselt resisted arrest and struck an officer in the face.

Officers noted in the report that Hauselt has prior convictions for assault on a law enforcement officer and had served a prison sentence for the assault.

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