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Coral Springs man arrested for domestic violence



Coral Springs, Florida – A Coral Springs man was arrested for domestic battery after dragging his girlfriend by her throat and slamming her against the floor multiple times.

On December 13, Coral Springs Police received a domestic battery call from a residence at the 10800 block of Royal Palm Boulevard. When officers arrived at the scene, they met with a victim who said her boyfriend, Serge Augustin, 38,  assaulted her.

According to the report, the victim alleged an argument had erupted over a text message she had found on Augustin’s phone. The victim told officers she was upset and slapped him in the face because the text message was from a female she did not recognize.

In response to her slapping Augustin, the victim told police, he grabbed her by the throat and hit her head against the floor multiple times.

Following the assault, the victim said Augustin fled the home.

In her verbal statement to police, the victim alleged three weeks ago she had told Augustin she was leaving him, to which he threatened, “if you leave me, I’ll kill you.”

While officers were on the scene, Augustin returned to the home, and in an interview, he admitted to grabbing the victim by the throat and “rolling around on the floor for a bit,” but claimed it was only in response to being slapped by the victim first.

Although both parties involved admitted to assaulting each other, police decided the victim’s visible injuries and the nature of her assault were enough to charge Augustin with domestic abuse. Officers also stated they took into account that the victim has had her life threatened by Augustin in the past.

Augustin was placed under arrest and transported to the Broward County Main Jail.

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