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Coral Springs Police are looking to purchase technology that turns traffic lights green as vehicles respond to emergencies



Coral Springs, Florida – Police and fire trucks frequently use technology that enables them to safely pass through intersections by turning traffic lights green when responding to emergencies all around the country.

Six Emergency Vehicle Preemption Kits, which use technology to alter regular traffic signal timing, are being sought by Coral Springs police.

It costs $75,000 to buy.

On Thursday, city commissioners are anticipated to vote on the purchase.

According to a city document, studies have shown that emergency vehicle preemption kits can cut junction collision rates by 70% and speed up emergency response times by 25%.

The kits are also known to reduce towns’ responsibility by “safely preventing” car collisions with other drivers, according to the document.

According to city records, the typical Coral Springs police response time to emergencies (from the time of the call to the arrival) was 5 minutes and 22 seconds in 2021.

The division wants to reach five minutes.

If approved, Tampa’s Transportation Control Systems, Inc. would sell the kits to the city.

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