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Coral Springs still waiting for new street sweeper to increase its service for road cleaning



Coral Springs, Florida – The city of Coral Springs approved plans to increase street cleaning services last year in an effort to enhance road beauty and safety and lessen environmental harm caused by street debris.

The $281,044 purchase of a brand-new street sweeper was the key component of that project.

According to the city’s public works director John Norris, the sweeper still hasn’t arrived and isn’t expected until February as a result of global supply difficulties brought on by the pandemic.

The streets in Coral Springs are still being cleaned by a contractor up until it shows up.

However, the sweeper will enable staff to clean streets in more neighborhoods, so city officials are keen to purchase one.

Norris stated the following benefits last year:

– Decreased flood/standing water: By clearing the road of leaves and other debris, it lessens the likelihood of obstructed inlets or drains.

– Improved aesthetics: Clearing the streets of rubbish and debris makes the city look cleaner and more appealing.

Vacuum sweepers limit the amount of sand, debris, and sediment that enters the city’s storm drain system and ends up in the canal system.

– Safety for drivers and pedestrians: Sweepers clear the road of dangerous debris like glass, car parts, and rubbish, making the area safer for both.

– Nutrient reduction – removing vegetative debris slows the buildup of nutrients in surface waters and the incidence of algae blooms.

In December of last year, the city commission authorized spending $281,044 to purchase a sweeper from Environmental Products Group, Inc. of Apopka, Florida.

The city had chosen to pay contractor International Sweeping, Inc. $91,000 more each year as part of the purchase in order to take over street cleaning duties.

According to Norris’ explanation from the previous year, the city pays the business $34,000 annually to sweep main streets, roads in Coral Springs’ Commerce Park, the commercial section of Sample Road between University Drive and Coral Springs Drive, as well as minor roads.

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