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Coral Springs will pay $60,000 in workers’ compensation case



Coral Springs, Florida – City of Coral Springs is reviewing its drug-free workplace policy after agreeing to pay $60,000 to settle a former employee’s workers’ compensation case.

City commissioners approved Wednesday the payment to cover the attorney fees for former paramedic/firefighter Eric Friedman in his case against the city.

According to a city memo, Friedman, 50, was going through “re-acclimation” training and suffered an injury to his shoulder.

He failed a post-injury drug test in 2019, the memo said. A city investigation determined Friedman violated the city’s drug-free workplace policy and made a false statement to a medical review officer.

Friedman’s workers’ compensation claim was denied, and he later resigned/retired from the department where he worked since 1998, the memo said.

He hired an attorney to challenge the city’s drug-free workplace policy.

In the process of reviewing the case, the city rescinded its denial of the claim, the memo said.

The city accepted “compensability” of Friedman’s industrial accident and approved his attorney fees and other costs.

Friedman is also entitled to receive 10 weeks of “impairment” income, the memo said.

As part of the case, city officials are working to update the drug-free policy to make sure it meets the requirements of state law.

Friedman could not be reached for comment.

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