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Coral Springs Woman Arrested After Spree of Pawning Stolen Items



A Coral Springs woman was arrested and charged with four counts of false ownership of pawned items, four counts of dealing stolen property, and nine counts of driving with a suspended license after a pawn spree of stolen items.

Ashley Gorgone, 36, was arrested on October 15 after a lengthy investigation into an array of items charged with illegally pawning late last year.

Gorgone first popped on the Coral Springs Police Department’s radar after a routine search of the Broward Sheriff Office’s RAPID Pawn Database revealed her as the “Top Pawner”  — making an estimated $4,241 in a short amount of time.

Police determined many of the items she had pawned were suspicious, sparking an investigation.

Upon reviewing some of those items, police discovered Gorgone had recently sold an NYPD Medal of Valor that had an inscription of a recently deceased member of the Coral Springs Police department. Police immediately recognized the name on the medal and sent an officer to take pictures of it at the Smart Cash Pawnshop at 736 Riverside Drive, where Gorgone had sold it.

Further investigation revealed that many of the items Gorgone pawned were traced back to her biological mother and her late husband.

When police contacted Gorgones’ mother, she confirmed many of the items belonged to her and that her daughter did not have permission to sell them.

Items Gorgone pawned ranged from a handgun to a J.P. Taravella High School class ring her friend had mistakenly left with her when she visited South Florida. The friend, now living in Alabama, told police that she repeatedly asked Gorgone if she had found the ring but never received an answer — or the ring.

In January of this year, a search warrant for Gorgones’ fingerprints was obtained from a judge. After she repeatedly avoided contact with officers, they obtained fingerprints from her home and compared them to the ones left at the pawnshops.

After a positive match, CSPD officers conducted a traffic stop at the 9800 block of Ramblewood Drive, where they arrested her.

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