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Driver slammed into Miramar home



Miami, Florida – After a car crashed into a home on Monday morning on the corner of Southwest 66th Avenue and 21st Street, a Miramar family remained homeless.

Elliott Miller, who lives in the home with his mom and three siblings, says he’d just left for work a couple of hours before the crash.

The car slammed right into his bedroom where he’d typically be working from home.

“Last week, I was working from home the whole last week. So, if I would’ve worked from home yesterday, who knows. That could’ve been me just sitting there working,” he said.

According to Miramar police, detectives are still investigating the crash, but the driver responsible claimed he saw someone come out of a nearby home with a gun.

That driver told police he panicked, stepped on the gas, and lost control. A building inspector deemed the house unsafe on Monday.

“Accidents happen anywhere. And seeing this, you know, they’re great neighbors, they’re great people. It happens to the good ones. That’s all I have to say,” said neighbor Pedro Arroyo, who brought the family water and food on Tuesday morning.

The homeowner is a single mom of three kids, including a 14-year-old boy with disabilities. She and some of her kids slept outside their house in cars on Monday night to keep an eye on their property, which still hadn’t been boarded up.

“I told my mom it’s just a moment,” Miller said. “These types of moments don’t last forever. We’re just going to push through it.”


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