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Due to fifteen violations, the Bawarchi Biryanis restaurant was ordered to close



Coral Springs, Florida – After a complaint prompted a health inspection, Bawarchi Biryanis was closed by food and health authorities.

The restaurant with an Indian theme at 10190 West Sample Road was inspected on May 1 and found to have 15 infractions, including live roaches and weevils, incorrect food storage temperatures, and unhygienic cooking conditions.

During the inspection, health officials reported finding evidence of significant roach activity in the kitchen. They found several dead roaches in different places, such as the kitchen entrance and close to the areas where food is prepared, as well as live roaches under cooking equipment, near sinks, and in storage areas.

According to the article, live weevils were discovered in a sugar bottle during an inspection, and as a result, the restaurant was issued a warning on February 13.

Several cooked and raw ingredients were found to be stored at dangerous temperatures, posing a serious risk of foodborne illness. This finding of improperly stored food items resulted in the prompt issuance of a “Stop Sale” order.

Famous foods including grilled chicken, lamb, goat, and cheese were kept at temperatures significantly higher than the 41°F safety level.

The inspection report also mentioned the necessity for a trained food service manager to be on duty at the time of the inspection, an ice buildup in a refrigerator, and an accumulation of dirt and grease on kitchen floors and cooking equipment.

The inspection also found that some staff members’ mandatory state-approved employee training should have been verified by the restaurant.

During the inspection, the restaurant management started cleaning and disinfecting the impacted areas as part of corrective measures. Due to the severity of the infractions, the establishment had to close right away in order to safeguard the public’s health.

Until a subsequent inspection verifies that all health regulations are fulfilled and the infractions have been sufficiently remedied, Bawarchi Biryanis will stay closed.


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