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During two press briefings in Miami-Dade, migrant planes took center stage



Miami, Florida – On Thursday in Miami-Dade County, Governor Ron DeSantis, and Manny Diaz, chair of the Florida Democratic Party, held news conferences where the 50 migrants who were flown from Texas to Massachusetts by Florida were the main topic of discussion.

At Miami-Dade College’s Wolfson Campus in downtown Miami, re-election candidate Ron DeSantis addressed a group of Taiwanese Americans in advance of the November election. At the El Arepazo restaurant in Doral, Diaz sat next two activists who were Venezuelan-American.

Following the lead of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, whose term ends on January 1, 2023, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who is also seeking reelection, Florida is making an attempt to transfer migrants after they reach the border with Mexico and are processed.

“Biden has dumped people all over the fruited plain,” DeSantis said during his news conference about his state measures to counter Chinese influence.

While some of the supporters of Rep. Charlie Crist, DeSantis’s opponent, denounced the migrant flights, DeSantis, and the Republicans who supported them, the crowd at Miami-Dade College cheered DeSantis’s remarks.

Former Miami mayor Diaz charged that Republicans had lost their moral compass. “When they see something that is wrong, that is illegal, that is unAmerican, it doesn’t matter what party you are from,” Diaz said. “This should not be a partisan issue.”

According to Adelys Ferro, the leader of the Venezuelan-American caucus, the migrants from the aircraft were bewildered, misled, and unaware of what had transpired to them. Some travelers found themselves stuck in motels when their flights to Delaware were unexpectedly canceled. Ferro cried out, “Stop these horrifying games with human beings.”

The second round of flights that were scheduled for Delaware earlier this week were canceled for reasons that DeSantis did not specify.

Florida did employ a contractor, as DeSantis did mention. A payment of $1.5 million has already been made to Vertol Systems Company, Inc.

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