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Florida license plates may be going digital in the near future



Florida – As early as next summer, Florida lawmakers are pushing to make digital license plates publicly available.

Members of the Senate Transportation Committee advanced a bill for digital license plates being backed by Pensacola Senator Doug Broxson on Wednesday.

Starting July, 2023Senate bill SB/1178/HB91 would allow the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to make digital license plates street legal.

The idea for the digital plates began as a pilot program in the state in 2012. The bill would refocus the program to research and test digital plates in the state for six months on government-owned vehicles from contractors like Reviver and Airplate.

Senator Broxson talked about the many benefits it would provide for Florida residents. “A digital license plate provides unique protections. If your tag is stolen or damaged it is immediately reported. Renewals would not have to go through the tag office, it would renew automatically. It has the ability to demonstrate Amber Alerts and other alerts on the back. It would also automatically deduct tolls on your Sunpass and charges your credit card,” said Broxson.

Several states across the country are already testing digital plates on the roads.


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