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Florida Senate ready to consider 15-week abortion limit



Tallahassee, Florida – The abortion bill is one step closer to becoming law in Florida.

The ban for abortions after 15 weeks is heading to the full Florida Senate.

The Republican-controlled Florida Senate Committee on Appropriations, on Monday, shot down four amendments brought by their Democratic counterparts.

The only exclusions are if a mother’s life is in danger or the fetus has fatal abnormalities, and both exceptions have to be approved by two doctors. The bill includes no exceptions for rape, incest or human trafficking.

“There is also an underlying thought that just because this child was conceived of something horrible, rape or incest, that somehow that child is to be hated and cannot be loved,” said Lakeland Sen. Kelli Stargel.

“Dangerous to think that there are people who are fans or like the idea of an abortion, I don’t,” said Aventura Sen. Jason Pizzo.

“I think we have hit a balance here, a balance that works, it gives women who do want to have an abortion performed the time to make that decision,” said Naples Sen. Kathleen Passidomo.

“I just ask that you have the compassion and the empathy to think about other people and leave the audacity of being a certain type of man to stand up and tell a person that their situation is irrelevant. That is dangerous,” said West Palm Beach Sen. Bobby Powell.

The bill is currently one full Florida Senate vote away from reaching Gov. Ron DeSantis’ desk.


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