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‘Freedom Week’ tax breaks could save Floridians more than $57M



Tallahassee, Florida — This year “Freedom Week” could save Floridians a little more money.

According to economists, a proposal to hold a Freedom Week sales-tax holiday could save Floridians about $57.7 million.

Shoppers would be able to avoid paying sales taxes on an array of items, including grills, bicycles, fishing and camping gear, kayaks and canoes, tickets for concerts, movies and ball games, gym memberships, and even sunscreen.

Last year, the first Freedom Week was held around the Independence Day holiday weekend.

Economists estimated that last year’s Freedom Week would cut state revenue by $42 million and local revenue by $12.7 million.

For the upcoming year, the tax breaks would be projected to cut an estimated $44.5 million from state revenue and $13.2 million from local governments.

Gov. Ron DeSantis in December included a seven-day Freedom Week tax holiday, as part of his billion budget proposal for the fiscal year that begins July 1.

Lawmakers could include Freedom Week in a broader tax package.


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