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Gator attacks Bradenton woman



Florida – A wildlife photographer, Gordon Silver, on Saturday evening took a turn for one of his neighbors when a gator was walking around.

“Usually they run the other way, even when you see them on a path over here, crossing over here from pond to pond. They see a human, and they take off,” said Silver.

A 77-year-old woman was attacked by a nearly 8-foot alligator, an unusual occurrence for this Bradenton neighborhood, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). “Every pond you come across, it could be a little small puddle, and there might be a gator in there. You just have to be aware,” said Silver.

Battalion Chief Craig Madsen with East Manatee Fire District responded to the call. He said neighbors initially heard the woman screaming and one ran to help. “As he approached the alligator, he said he just started yelling at it, and the gator released the victim and proceeded back in the water,” said Madsen.

Once he returned to the water, the alligator did not leave. Instead, he stared down at the people nearby. “His eyes were locked on us. Luckily, MSO was there to keep us safe, and he had his weapon drawn just in case he attacked again,” Madsen said.

A trapper was called to the scene and noticed characteristics not often seen in wild alligators. “It seemed apparent that this gator had been fed,” said Madsen.

The neighbors, including Silver, wished the best for the woman who was attacked. “There’s a lot of caring people out here,” said Silver. “We’re all here to help her out.”

The woman was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries.


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