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Governor Ron DeSantis signs bills to help veterans get jobs



Tallahassee, Florida — In an effort to help people who serve in the military get jobs or advance their education once they leave their service, on Thursday, Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed several bills.

The new laws will supplement federal benefits for disabled veterans attending state universities or government-run career centers, allow state agencies to substitute military experience for postsecondary education to allow veterans to obtain civilian jobs, and require the Department of Business and Professional Regulation to expedite license applications of active-duty military spouses.

“I’m proud to be governor of a very military-friendly state. I served in Florida for a time on active duty, and it’s really, really meaningful that you have the people that are wearing the uniform get genuine support from the community,” said DeSantis, who served as a Navy officer. “That’s not true in every part of our country, unfortunately, but it’s definitely true up and down the coast of Florida.”

Governor Ron DeSantis signed the bills at a Fort Walton Beach craft brewery owned by a veteran.

It’s in an area of the Panhandle with a large military presence.


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