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HCA Florida University Hospital set to open November 15



Miami, Florida – A new hospital in West Broward County is set to open Monday.

“So, we’re starting off with 165 beds, but really the sky is the limit, basically the way the facility is constructed you can really up with additional floors,” Giorgio Tarchini, HSA Healthcare Assistant Division Chief Medical Officer.

The new hospital has infrastructure to accommodate 600 hospital beds. It will be home to multiple specialties including, cardiology, general surgery, neurosciences, oncology, women’s services, and urology.

“The level of care that we can provide at this facility, we have really the latest technology, we handpicked physicians and we can provide a level of care that’s very high,” Tarchini said.

According to Tarchni, this could be quite an upgrade for some who have been going to the Plantation General Hospital approximately 5 miles away.

“And really the patient experience is above anything else, in terms of the rooms we have, everybody has a media board, we can track who’s taking care of them. There will still be that opportunity for people living in that area and we’re only not too far from that area, so we have two hospitals that are very close in the vicinity.”

HCA Healthcare which owns that facility says, at this point, it will scale back operations to only adult ER services.

“So we have two DaVinci robots, which means they’re the top of the line robots available, so yes typically the patients will have shorter stays, typically the surgeries are safer,” Tarchini explained.

There will be 650 employees at the Davie facility, both new and some from the transition.

“The other really important thing I want to point out is the academic relationship we have with Nova Southeastern so that’s one advantage,” Tarchini added.



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