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In terms of cardiac arrest survival rates, the Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department leads nationwide



Coral Springs, Florida – In terms of cardiac arrest survival rates across the country, the Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department leads the pack.

According to the most recent 2023 report available from the CARES National Registry, individuals experiencing cardiac arrest in Coral Springs or Parkland have a probability of over twice as high of a successful resuscitation and hospital release as the national average.

According to the survey, 18.6% of cardiac arrest patients in Coral Springs and Parkland were successfully revived and released from hospitals, outperforming the 10.4% Florida statewide and the 8.3% national rate.

The Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department’s EMS Battalion Chief, Patrick Staab, attributed these figures to several elements, including the department’s extensive training curriculum, cutting-edge apparatus, sufficient manpower, and the efforts of Dr. Peter Antevy, the medical director.

“A big part of our success is also due to our dispatchers who do what’s called ‘caller aid CPR.’ They walk callers through CPR before medics even arrive. It’s a very, very important step,” Staab said.

He underlines once more how EMS personnel attempt to restart a patient’s heart on the spot before loading them into an ambulance and driving them to the hospital.

“We’re also very data-driven,” Staab said. “We keep our eyes on the numbers and review cases with our crews to look for ways to improve.”


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