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Investigation into new treatment for stroke at the University of Miami



Miami, Florida – The University of Miami is one of 17 sites for a nationwide study into a new treatment for ischemic stroke.

A stem cell therapy called MultiStem that could expand the window for treating stroke from the current three hours to up to 36 hours is the new Masters-2 study investigation.

“The fact that we are so close now with Masters-2 in likely proving this and going on to approval, clinical approval, is just you know, very, very exciting, said Dr. Dileep Yavagal, stroke specialist with UHealth.

According to Yavagal, while the currently approved treatment breaks up the stroke-causing clot, MultiStem could actually help the body recover and prevent further neurologic damage.

Genetic testing could dramatically reduce rare pediatric cancers according to an analysis by the National Institutes of Health. The study focused on testing the siblings of newborns who were found to carry one of 11 specific cancer-related gene mutations.

Researchers say 52 percent of deaths before the age of 20 could be prevented if diagnosed at birth and subsequently undergoing regular screenings.

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