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Israeli soldier and former Coral Springs resident to discuss his military service at Chabad Jewish Center



Coral Springs, Florida – Zecharya Frisch was a Coral Springs resident before relocating to Israel, raising a family, and serving in the armed forces today.

The father of two was raised in a city where he first attended public schools before moving on to Jewish religious schools.

Frisch will give a speech about his experiences serving in the Israeli military on Lebanon’s northern border during the country’s ongoing conflict with Hamas at his hometown this Sunday.

At the most recent community education series presented by the Chabad Jewish Center of Coral Springs, he will be the guest speaker.

“We organized this because it’s hard to understand the reality of what is happening in Israel,” said Rabbi Yankie Denburg of Chabad Jewish Center, a Jewish learning center. “There is so much deliberate misinformation, and we have an obligation to share with the community what life is like in Israel.”

Rabbi Denburg claimed to have known Frisch for a long time and to have donated $8,000 to allow Frisch and his family to take a break from their military service by flying home to Coral Springs for the Passover holiday. Frisch is currently on reserve.

“We have a moral obligation to help a soldier who serves his country,” he said.

Furthermore, Rabbi Denburg stated that he and his followers collected nearly $10,000 in the previous autumn to give soldiers sabbath meals following an invasion by Hamas militants in southern Israel that sparked a national conflict.

The Chabad Jewish Center will bring Israeli troops to a community gathering to discuss the situation for the second time in recent months.

Frisch is scheduled to speak at the center located at 11325 West Atlantic Boulevard at 11 a.m. 10:30 a.m. is when breakfast will be served.

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