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Joy Carter of Coral Springs receives the honorable Home Rule Hero Award for advocacy during her last year in office



Coral Springs, Florida – The Florida League of Cities (FLC) has named Coral Springs Commissioner Joy Carter the recipient of the 2024 Home Rule Hero Award in honor of her noteworthy advocacy work during the most recent legislative session.

The honor, according to a Coral Springs press statement, underscores Commissioner Carter’s dedication to allowing local governments to exercise local governance without undue state intervention. She thinks that the prosperity of the people and companies in Coral Springs depends on this idea.

Commissioner Carter, who will not run for reelection because of term limitations, thanked the public for the honor and considered how crucial it is to support local sovereignty during her last year in office.

“What an honor it is to receive this recognition during my last year in office,” she stated, emphasizing the long-term benefits of her advocacy work on the community.

Carter’s steadfast commitment to advancing local decision-making was commended by FLC Chief of Legislative Affairs Casey Cook, who also highlighted Carter’s noteworthy influence on the legislative session.

“The dedication and efforts of elected officials, like Commissioner Joy Carter, who tirelessly advocated for local decision-making, was a difference-maker this legislative session.”


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