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Local church delivers sweet surprise to healthcare workers



KENDALL, Fla. – At a time when healthcare professionals are working countless hours, Cornerstone Christian Church of South Florida joined thousands around the world to pay tribute.

On Friday, a group from the church visited Kendall Regional Medical Center. The medical staff at the hospital caring for COVID-19 patients met them outside as the group displayed a banner showing their appreciation.

A prayer of gratitude was met with applause, along with a cake the church gave to the staff for them to enjoy.

“Our staff is here 24/7 taking care of coronavirus patients,” Peter Jude of Kendall Regional Medical Center said. “It’s signs of support like this and the prayers and the appreciation that is so heartfelt.”

“This small gesture of appreciation is the least we can do for all the men and women caring for the most vulnerable at this hospital,” Daniel Cordones, Pastor of Cornerstone Christian Church, said. “We pray for them every day and ask God to keep them healthy and strong.”

This is one of several efforts the church has planned to honor hometown heroes.

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