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Man acting as Christ stirs up trouble at a Coral Springs store



Coral Springs, Florida – Following incidences of threats and assaults on customers within a Coral Springs Target, a guy claiming to be Jesus was taken into custody.

After a man claiming to be Jesus Christ peed his pants and tried to fight others, there was a disturbance at the Target store at 9600 Westview Drive on February 18. The Coral Springs Police Department responded to the scene.

When officers arrived, they found a homeless man—later identified as 48-year-old James Sweeney—who was impaired by alcohol and was ranting at customers, employees, and other staff members, among other obvious disruptions to the store’s regular operations.

The report claims that Sweeney was extremely hostile to everyone around him and made attempts to strike both customers and staff. Sweeney, who is homeless, made matters worse by refusing to leave the property.

When law enforcement officials arrived, Sweeney was visibly impaired and posed a risk to everyone in the area as well as the store’s property. The event was captured on tape by the police’ body-worn cameras and the store’s CCTV, which was observed by customers, including kids.
After Sweeney was taken into custody and sent to the Broward Health Coral Springs Hospital, where he was given the all-clear to go to jail, the mayhem and violence persisted.

There, Sweeney allegedly gave an officer a groin kick, tried to spit on a sergeant, and shouted loud enough racial epithets that patients and staff could hear him. In addition, he insulted the sergeant’s wife and made threats against his life.

The fact that a 1.75-liter bottle of Skol Vodka that had been mostly drunk was found in his rucksack indicated that alcohol was a major factor in his actions.

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