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Man Arrested After Pulling Loaded Gun on Neighbor Over Open Gate



After pulling out a gun during a dispute over an open gate, Coral Springs Police arrested a man for assault with a deadly weapon.

On March 17, Coral Springs Police responded to an aggravated assault call at the 11500 block of NW 35th Street. When officers arrived, they spoke to a victim who claimed his neighbor had pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot him over a dispute about an open gate.

The victim told officers that his neighbor, later identified as Darrius Bowleg, 27, requested the neighbor close the gate to his front yard so that his dogs could not escape. The victim said the discussion grew heated, Bowleg removed a black handgun from his waistband, racked it, and prepared it to fire.

Officers viewed doorbell footage from the victim’s home, which showed the argument, but due to the camera angle, Bowleg was not in view.

Officers did, however, hear audio of Bowleg threatening the victim, at one point saying, “You heard what I said, N—-, what? What, what, what? I’m ready. What, F—boy? You better go inside and tighten up!”

Officers could also hear what appeared to be the sound of a gun being racked and readied to fire.

The report said officers then walked over to Bowleg’s residence and spoke to his mother. After explaining what happened, she agreed to let them view the doorbell footage from her home. This time, Bowleg was in clear view as the argument unfolded, and officers were able to watch as Bowleg took out his gun, cocked it, held it to his side, and yelled at the victim.

While being questioned, Bowleg admitted to taking out his gun but claimed he was standing his ground and that it was an action in self-defense.

During a home search, officers found the handgun inside a bedroom closet with a full extended magazine loaded.

Bowleg was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. He was transported to the Broward County Main Jail and was later released after posting a $10,000 bond.


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