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Man Arrested For Burglary After Woman Catches Him Rummaging Through Vehicle



A man caught rummaging through a vehicle was eventually captured and arrested for burglary.

On January 15, Coral Springs Police responded to a burglary call near the 8100 block of Wiles Road. They encountered the victim, who said she walked out of her office and found a man rifling through her glove box.

When she yelled at him to get out of the vehicle, the man, later identified as Sky McNamara, 25, of Lake Worth, said the vehicle belonged to his girlfriend and that she was in the car. The victim told police there was no one else was inside the car.

The man eventually fled, and the woman was able to access her vehicle. However, in a frantic attempt to get away, she backed her car into a parked car, causing damage. She then called the police to report both the crime and the accident.

The woman told officers McNamara was able to access her vehicle because she had mistakenly left her car open while at work and that, as far as she could tell at the time, nothing of value had been stolen.

The victim provided officers with a description of McNamara and that he walked west from where she was parked. Based on her description, officers in the area quickly located him not far from the crime scene and placed him under arrest.

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