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Man Arrested For Domestic Violence; Firing Gun into Coral Springs Residence



Coral Springs, Florida – A Coconut Creek man was arrested for a slew of charges stemming from a string of early-morning incidents that included domestic violence and recklessly firing a gun into an occupied home.

On November 14, the Coconut Creek Police Department responded to a call where two people were alleging a man, Julius Jamal Murray, 24, had been acting erratically and fired a weapon off the patio of the residence for no apparent reason.

According to the report, the two residents told police that Murray was intoxicated and had fallen asleep. At one point, he awoke, retrieved his gun from a kitchen cabinet, walked onto the third-floor patio of the home, and discharged the weapon before retreating to the home. The witnesses said Murray was mumbling under his breath but had no apparent reasoning for firing his firearm.

When police searched the residence, they located Murray and a handgun that was lying in his bed. Officers also found a spent shell casing on the floor of the patio. Murray denied having fired a weapon but could not explain the evidence on the scene, including the spent shell casings on the patio floor. While placing Murray under arrest, officers also located two gun magazines in his pants pockets.

Following Murray’s arrest by CCPD, it was discovered that he was also linked to an incident that had happened a few hours earlier in Coral Springs.

According to the report, Murray was at a birthday party located at 11600 block of NW 29th court in Coral Springs where witnesses reported Murray had been showing off a gun to others at the party and got into an altercation with a woman who he began choking.

A male intervened at some point, and Murray struck him with his firearm on his forehead, causing the man to bleed profusely.

The report states bystanders were able to take the firearm away from Murray but gave it back to him when he promised to leave. Soon after, they heard two loud pops. When they looked outside, they witnessed Murray shooting into the residence from a lower level, shattering a sliding glass window. It was later discovered that a vehicle had also had its windows shattered by gunshots.

According to police, luckily, there were no gunshot injuries reported or connected to either incident involving Murray.

Coconut Creek officers arrested and processed Murray before transporting him to Coral Springs Police, where additional charges were prepared. He was eventually transported to the Broward County Jail, where he faces five charges.

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