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Man dismembered his son, scattered his body parts and reported him missing for revealing his deepest secrets, sentenced



The bond between parents and kids is usually strong and unbreakable. But despite the close connection between them, some parents usually keep secrets from their kids and are trying their best to keep those secrets from their kids, whether they’re small and insignificant or dark and weird.

But sometimes besides all the efforts they make, their secrets are revealed by the kids, and some parents end up doing reckless things to their little ones in moments of rage and in order to not be embarrassed in public.

Such is the case with a Colorado man, who was indicted and sentenced to nearly 5 decades in prison for killing his son who allegedly revealed his secrets.

The 59-year-old M. Redwine was found guilty for second degree murder and child abuse earlier this summer for the death of his 13-year-old son, D. Redwine. According to court records, M. Redwine also tried to cover up the murder of his son in 2012 and reported him missing.

M. Redwine went on a court-ordered visit with his father in November 2012, and was reported missing since.

The search for the missing teenager turned into murder investigation after his remain were found in an area which was difficult to reach, especially for a boy of that age and someone who is not known with the terrain.

The law enforcement cast suspicion on M. Redwine after discovering the skull of the boy near his father’s house. Investigators also discovered victim’s blood inside the house in different locations.

The examination of the remains showed signs of blunt force trauma and sharp force injuries.

M. Redwine was arrested and accused for murder. He allegedly dismembered his son and scattered his body parts in the area. M. Redwine denied any involvement in his son’s disappearance and death.

The defendant’s attorney claimed that the teenager ran away from his father’s house and was likely killed by a mountain lion or bear, but the prosecutor found this claims ridiculous.

According to court records, the prosecutors argued that M. Redwine became enraged and dismembered his son after the 13-year-old revealed his father’s deepest secrets. D. Redwine found pictures of his father wearing women’s lingerie and eating feces.

The victim’s mother, E. Hall spoke at the sentencing hearing. “When I think about what happened that night, it breaks my heart to think of Dylan looking up at his dad,” she said. “I don’t even think it phased you, which is why you need the max sentence.”

The defendant showed no remorse at any point during the trial.

“The community needs to be protected from you. You need to be removed from society for a very long period of time,” the judge said in his final words at the sentencing hearing.

M. Redwine was sentenced to 48 years behind bars.

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