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Manny Diaz to serve as Hurricanes defensive coordinator, plans to go ‘all in’



CORAL GABLES, Fla. – Manny Diaz is taking back control of the University of Miami’s defense.

On Wednesday, Diaz officially said that he is taking over as the team’s defensive coordinator.

Previously, Diaz stripped the play-calling duties from Blake Baker, who left Miami for a job at LSU.

Wednesday, Diaz said, “I’m going to be the defensive coordinator and what I’ve done as defensive coordinator is what I’m going to do. Now I’ve got some great guys on the staff that I can delegate some things to, but for this to work, I’ve got to be able to go all in.”

Diaz said that he introduced his entire new defensive staff to the team on Wednesday, and told the team that he’ll be running the defense.

Diaz said, “Definitely has me excited, definitely has me fired up. Excited to work with this staff, got some really outstanding teachers, some outstanding men, and I think it’s great for our players. I think we’ll have great growth. It’s exciting for everybody to get out of their comfort zone. We’ve got some great experience on the staff, I’m really excited to work with them. Get back to playing defense the way we should be playing defense at the University of Miami.”

As for injured quarterback D’Eriq King, Diaz said he’s so eager to get back and he’s doing whatever he’s allowed to do in his rehab. Coach Diaz said everything has been encouraging so far.

The Hurricanes open the 2021 season against Alabama, the defending National Champions.

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