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Mayor Murphy of Fort Myers Beach claims that their main priority is search and rescue



Fort Myers, Florida – Unimaginable damage was caused by Hurricane Ian on Fort Myers Beach.

The focus is on search and rescue, said to Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy, who has been on the island every day since Ian. Then, he added, they may start cleaning up.

As far as possible, according to Murphy, Estero Boulevard has been cleaned. It is the principal route that leads to, from, and throughout the island.

He claimed that teams of search and rescue workers have been trying to locate victims and get them to safety.

“The USAR teams are in there now doing the search and rescue. They have a number of sweeps that they have to make. They have a couple of teams, one starts at one end of the island, one starts at the other end, and they work towards the middle. Then those two teams are broken up into smaller teams that go street by street, checking under debris, hopefully finding life people, and unfortunately maybe not. So that’s the process. The teams come down, they have the hasty search, they have these other searches, and then after that, they clear out these areas. And then we can move on from there. It’s all on their timetable. So as soon as they are done with their work, then we come in after them,” said Murphy.

Cadaver dogs have started to be sent out by the USAR Florida Task Force Teams in a number of various locations.

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