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New 1,606 COVID-19 cases in Florida



An increase of 1,606 COVID-19 cases Monday, that is the smallest daily jump in cases since October 2020.

According to Florida’s health department report the state added 1,533 new cases on Oct. 12.

The number of COVID-19 cases verified in Florida since the outbreak began is 2,311,941.

The number of resident deaths in Florida tied to COVID-19 is 36,501 and after 27 more were reported Monday.

The number of non-residents who have died in the state with COVID-19 is 734.

One in Miami-Dade County and eight in Palm Beach County Coronavirus -related deaths were reported yesterday.

The number of hospitalized residents attributed to the novel coronavirus in the state is 94,176.

At least 10,035,446 people have received COVID-19 vaccines in Florida and 7,995,844 people in the state are fully vaccinated.

Yesterday’s statewide positivity rate for testing was 3.75%.

County by county

Miami – Dade

Cases: 498,953 (+396)

Deaths: 6,372 (+1)

Yesterday’s positivity: 3.05%

Total people vaccinated: 1,482,339

Vaccine series completed: 1,131,383


Cases: 243,788 (+163)

Deaths: 3,051 (-1)

Yesterday’s positivity: 2.72%

Total people vaccinated: 963,635

Vaccine series completed: 744,690


Cases: 7,080 (+4)

Deaths: 50 (unchanged)

Yesterday’s positivity: 4.35%

Total people vaccinated: 41,700

Vaccine series completed: 31,988

Palm Beach

Cases: 147,786 (+53)

Deaths: 2,853 (+8)

Yesterday’s positivity: 2.76%

Total people vaccinated: 725,881

Vaccine series completed: 585,427

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