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New TikTok challenge to ‘slap a teacher’ appeared between students



Broward County, Florida – On Wednesday The Broward Teachers Union sent out an email alerting educators about an October challenge on TikTok to “slap a teacher.”

According to the email, teachers are asked to “watch your fellow educators’ backs,” and to watch for students running toward them or who appear to be taking video with their phones.

Teachers were also encouraged to report any incidents to local police and press charges against both the physical assailant and the person taking the video.

The threat is taken very seriously by The Broward school system.

A couple of weeks ago, the “devious licks” trend was actual on TikTok, which saw students stealing items and vandalizing school bathrooms. The damage was seen across several South Florida schools, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Videos of the actions were also posted on social media.

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