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New toll charges starting Saturday for I-95 express lanes in Broward



Florida – According to the Florida Department of Transportation, starting Saturday, drivers in the express lanes along the stretch of I-95 between Cypress Creek Road in Fort Lauderdale and Glades Road in Boca Raton will have to pay a minimum of 50 cents in that stretch.

“I mean I think it’s ridiculous,” said Raqueil Holton, a driver affected by this change. “Why should I have to pay to just ride in the specific lane, it doesn’t make sense.”

There will be no cash or billing by plate number options, tolls will be collected through SunPass or other Florida-accepted transponders attached to vehicles’ windshields.

According to the transportation department, if drivers enter the express lanes without a SunPass, they will receive a charge for the amount of the toll plus an additional $25 fine per 24-hour period in which the driver violated.

Heading south, drivers can enter the express lanes south of Glades Road and south of Southwest 10th Street. To get out the lanes, there are exits north of Hillsboro Boulevard and north of Cypress Creek Road.

Heading north on I-95, drivers can get into the express lanes north of Cypress Creek Road and north of Hillsboro Boulevard. To get out of the lanes, there are exits south of Southwest 10th Street and Glades Road.

Motorcycles, emergency vehicles, and county transit buses can use the lanes without paying tolls. Three or more axle trucks cannot use the express lanes.

The express lanes come as part of a four-year project that is nearly complete.

According to estimates made by the FDOT, express lanes from south of Glades Road in Boca Raton to near Linton Boulevard in Delray Beach will not be completed until mid-year in 2023.


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